Diablo II Resurreed celebrates 5 million players with update 2.4

New proof of Blizzard’s love to its classic is Diablo II, the remill released last September has just inherited a generous balancing update. This is called the devil to the body.

After a few weeks of RPT (Public Kingdom Test Kingdom) tests, the 2.4 update is now officially available and brings together many specific classes, adjustments for game comfort, full of bug fixes. and a long list of other carefully detailed changes on patch notes.

These modifications include new runic words, new recipes for the horaric cube or a redesign of mercenaries. In addition, the Diablo II Resurreed tournament system will make its debut on April 28 in the form of a competitive ranking through a series of modes accessible with a character specially created for the tournament.

5 BIG UPDATES from the Final Patch 2.4 Notes - The last one is a game changer - Diablo 2 Resurrected

Blizzard takes the opportunity to point out that more than 5 million players have discovered or rediscovered Diablo II with this remill developed by Vicarious Visions, studio that has ceased to exist as such to integrate the workforce of Blizzard Albany.

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