Smile Gate, Magic Goods and IPX (Original Line Friends) Collaboration

Smile Gate MegaPort said that a casual mobile game that is directly developed and served as a collaboration with digital IP platform enterprise IPX (Glory Friends) with Global Launches’ Magic Mobile Global Launch.

Magicians have recently been renowned and received a popular update of the season, which enhances unique social characteristics and decorative elements. Following the successful Season 2 update in Korea, the magic branch shop starts a global service centered on the Asian region, including Japan and Taiwan. Magic Yangpo Branch is attracting a collaboration with a linefriendship character that is receiving a great lovely loved world in accordance with global formal launch.

This collaboration, which has been treasing with a large-scale update, and the collaboration, which has attracted many expectations, can meet Brown (Brown), CONY, and Sally. Magic good access points proceed with a variety of events commemoria of collaboration with the line Friends character. It can be obtained by first accessible to the 20th, and the accessory item ‘Paired line dolls’ and signage items ‘Brown and Sally Signage’ with the appearance of Brown and Sally.

Open box IpX
In addition, special attendance and level-up events are also conducted by the end of this month to enable the season 2 large updates and linefranted character collaboration content to be more enriched. In particular, the 7th day of attendance events can receive 5 star furniture ‘Brown and Sally Lights’, and if you have a 15-level user, anyone else’s five-star furniture ‘Brown and Sally Cake’ Can be decorated.

The Smile Gate Mega Port Jung Jae-hoon’s implementation is very pleased to be able to show the appearance of a new magic good as a collaboration with a worldwide popular line Friends character. We have prepared a variety of events, so I have a variety of events, so I have a lot of events to enjoy this collaboration without lacking a large update and this collaboration. “

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