Counter Strike: 9Z breaks with everything and get your pass to Belgium

A lot is talked about the Latam teams regarding the shooting games where it has been noticed in a good way as it is the case of Krü Esports, today we have another representative of the region but for the discipline of Counter Strike, 9Z Looking to get a historic achievement against Pain Gaming at the regional final.

9Z is an Argentine team with representation in several esports within the scene of Latin America , with shocks within Valorant and CS: Go has managed to be positioned in good places through the tournaments in which it has been presented, everything It started as a Francisco “Frankkaster” dream postiglione and now it was consolidated in a final.

On the other hand we have the Brazilian team of Pain Gaming , who also has experience in Esports as League of Legends, now I had to face Latinos to get the international pass, being founded by Arthur Zarzur and With already 10 years of experience, a dream encounter should be expected.

First map with violet tone

The first game on a map of Mirage was a couple at the beginning, neither of the two teams wanted to commit an error because this series was the pass at Belgium at Major they so search for a long time time, the game started violently with the paste of Rodrigo “Biguzera” Bittencourt that achieved the early losses in the first rounds being the one that will take things in favor of Pain Gaming, However, the Latin team would not leave that the Brazilians will take the advantage by achieving good rounds that punished their rivals, achieving their economy on several occasions, we also saw Wesley “Hardzao” Lopes who made multi death in some rounds, despite that the cycle would be determined By David “Dav1d” Maldonado who took out the last drop in Round 27 to close the first map and paint it violet with 16-11 .

The samba of bullets danced by Latinos

[4K] 9z vs Bad News Bears - Map 1 Inferno - PGL RMR AMERICAS - Day 2
Going on the second map where I could get the pass to the international or we would go to a third map if possible, Pain showed calm inside what was happening in the start rounds passing to a map of dust2 where both teams were comfortable but little by little the tension was present due to the number of rounds that were played, DAV1D and their Franco partner “DGT” García achieved multi deaths in some important rounds that gave rise to morale to the Latin team but they were answered by the captain of Pain , Vincios “PKL” Coelho who calmed things into the stage, the game was lengthened more and more because none wanted to yield but at the end Maximiliano “Max” Gonzales was the one who stopped the progress of the Brazilians at Ronda 36 and after several overtimes the 9z team finished the series with a 19-17 that gave him his ticket to major.

Another dream more with many possibilities to get a fairly good role internationally for the region due to all the work and effort that started as a dream by the team of 9z , demonstrating that they have a great level along with A skill that will continue to build within the next dates that will have before the various rivals of the world of 9 to 22 May at the Antwerp Sports Palace, Belgium, and where to be will distribute 1 million dollars In prizes.

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