Announced the cooking sim “Cook Serve Forever”. Popular Cooking Sim Series, Luxuriously evolved as a new IP

Vertigo Gaming announced the cooking simulation game “ Cook Serve Forever ” on April 13. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). The release time is at the beginning of 2023.

My Kitchen EXPLODED While Cooking - Cooking Simulator VR Gameplay
“Cook Serve Forever” is a simulation game aiming for a leading chef through different dishes. The main character of this work is Nori Kaga Women. She serves as a chef in Herianthus town’s food cart. Her goal is to be like a famous chef chef rhubarb called the queen of cooking. The player will be kaga and will challenge various dishes to make her dream come true.

In cuisine, more than a hundred types of ingredients and recipes appeared. For example, in the scene where a hamburger is made, meat, cheese, tomato, vegetables and more are listed on the buns. It is a chef job that bakes meat and bakes it well. Also, when making a pizza, it will save it on the round pizza dough and sprinkle the cheese. When making tacos, it will be stuffed with a tightness and material. She works with various dishes and keeps the carrier as her chef.

The game play time of this work is a few hours, and the content of the volume is likely to be waiting. Furthermore, in this work, it supports multiplayer. Local CO-OP play with friends is enabled throughout the campaign. By creating food in cooperation, it is likely to find how to enjoy different from solo play.

“Cook Serve Forever” corresponds to the successor of the restaurant management simulation “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” Series. “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” The first work was launched in 2012. The same work has been evaluated that the busy busy to fenders a lot of orders is evaluated and has received the “overwhelming popular” status from over 3000 reviews in STEAM Store Review. In addition, the sequel “Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 !!” “Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3 ?!” also won a solid assessment at STeam.

The previous series has been focused on gameplay, but “Cook Serve Forever” has been reviewed from the base of the game. Build stories from setting. The story is expanded with a full voice, and the artwork is also focused on rich production. As game play, reproduce the sense of rhythm and touch of cooking. There are also many side quests. It seems to be expanded as a new IP while making use of the past series know-how.

“Cook Serve Forever” will be released at STeam at the beginning of 2023. The “Cook, Serve, DeLicious!” Series is undergoing sale until 2:00 on April 15.

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