Pedro Pascal compares Tlou series with The Mandalorian

For many, The Mandalorian was the series that “rescued” to Star Wars, This after the last cinematographic trilogy. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau Certainly did an incredible work with the show, and according to Pedro Pascal, who will also interpret Joel in the television adaptation of The Last of Us, What HBO is doing with it could be compared with The Mandalorian.

In a new interview with GQ, Pascal mentioned that the creative process behind the series of The Last of Us is very similar to that of The Mandalorian . In the words of him own:

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“There is a very, very creative way to honor what is important and to preserve what makes a videogame an experience as iconic, and also to include things that are not necessarily expected. They are doing something very intelligent, it is all I can say. Is similar to the way Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni treated The Mandalorian, the like Craig Mazin and Neil Duckmann are dealing with The Last of Us – is in good hands because they love the property… it is a product made for people who really He loves her. “

Obviously, Naughty Dog is extremely involved with the project and are making sure that the adaptation lace with the vision they projected in the game. When considering one of the best current titles, there are many expectations on the part of fans and Druckmann and Mazin should be responsible for meeting them. Luckily, recent filtrations indicate that the show is on the right track.

Editor’s note: Well, if Pascal says it, then I want to believe that the final project will be much better than expected. Yes I am very worried about the fact that they will adapt the history of the first game, but I think there is a lot of talent involved in the series and it will be difficult to fail.

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