3D Action “Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry” Steam also to distribution. Secondary creation free game that flens face with new park crisis

Mr. Sakamoto, a domestic personal game developer, has published the Steam store page of “ Kemo Friends Cellien May Cry ” on April 16. According to the store page, delivery will be delivered in May 2022. It seems that this work can be downloaded from STeam. In this work, the animation “Kemono Friends” is included.

“Kemo Friends Cellien May Cry” is a secondary creation work of “Kemon Friends” published in February 2021 as a free game. Friends are a 3D action adventure game that Friends fights Cerrian, on the stage of the animal “Friends” that changed to human appearance. In the anime “Kemono Friends”, which is the basis of this work, a certain day-served Friends “server” encounters a strange flence “bag” without tail and ears. Two people leave on a trip with the boss of Park Guide Robot to know the true identity of the bag. A battle with dangerous Cerlien and a great adventure over various regions were unfolded.

In this work, the main character is the main character, and the story after the anime “wedge Friends” is drawn. After the twists and turns, servers and bans are back to the library. However, at the same time, a large number of Cerrians occur at Japaric Park. Servers are rid of bags and bosses. Friends’ fight is drawn on the stage of the new crisis of the Japari Park with a new crisis.

The serval firstly, while fighting Cerrien in each region in the park, first rescuages the flents. Servers in this work can be actions such as attacks and jumps using nails, and avoidance with invincible time. Development of the battle while keeping stamina recovery as appropriate for attacking and avoiding stamina. Take out large damage and beat the stamina with just a just avoidance, but repel Cerrien. As a growth element, level up by experience value and the bottom of the action and the baseline of the status are prepared. As an action, special attacks and special avoidance triggered by a combination of buttons are possible.

A reward can be acquired by helping Friends in each region in the park. Some Friends will be friends and will temporarily fight together by consuming items “Japan”. Friends’ flens have skills each. For example, the bag attracts Cerrian’s attention “Paper plane”. Hippo is a “large-scale game” where the counter can be performed against short distance attacks. Toki recovers Friend’s HP and holds skills such as “Tiki Song” that makes Cerulean angry.

Kemono Friends: Cellien May Cry; Second Stream

More than 30 friends to become friends. It can fight together with a large number of flents with different individuality. Boss cellran also exists in more than 10 types of regions. As an element, four levels of difficulty and fine operation settings are also provided, and are made for a wide range of players.

It is a domestic personal game developer Sakamoto, who produced this work. According to videos posted in Nico Nico Douga in March 2017, if there is no game of “Kemono Friends”, we started production of this work using the game engine Unity from the idea that you can only make it yourself. Many MMD models such as MMD models were borrowed, and production continued over four years, and was published as a free game in February 2021.

As the contents, a large number of flents appear and help them also increase the amount of content, such as a picture book or facility. While holding down the basic element of the 3D action game, the respect to the original is felt. In addition, as the past work of Sakamoto Dragon, several works have been published as a free game, such as a puzzle game “four-character idiomatic puzzle” and medal game “deep sea falling coin”.

By the way, for the secondary creation of “Kemono Friends”, guidelines are being released from the Friends Project. “Regardless of charge, usage for high-profile for profitability” and direct secondary use of materials, etc. are prohibited, but creation and operations such as illustrations and coterie magazines are allowed. Although I do not know what I am actually, I am not able to say that this work is a free game, and it can be said that it is a category of guidelines.

“Kemono Friends Cellien May Cry” STEAM version will be delivered in May 2022. Feel! / Free Game Dreaming / Google Drive is open as a free game.

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