This is a new battlefield! Maximum 254 competitive modern war FPS, multi-enabled Cartoon Wind Rogue Light ACT-Core Gamer Watch! This weeks indie selection

GAME * SPARK Editorial Department recommends special indie choice of April 3rd week!

This week, up to four playable Cartoon wind rogue Lights ACT “ Mythforce “, large-scale low polyel FPS “ BATTLEBIT Remastered ” where up to 254 modern wars can be enjoyed, realistic mining in open world It is three simulation “ Rich Lands ” that can experience business.

# Mythforce

This work is a first person’s action game that has been inspired by the 80’s Cartoon. Development is in charge of BEAMDOG known for “BALDUR’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition”. The player chooses a character with a knight and a logger, and he will capture a dungeon that a strong enemy or a trap stands. Artifacts and treasures are also available in the dungeon, and various upgrades are possible.

There is also a rogue light element, and if it is done during the dungeon capture, it will be redo-tailed from the beginning, but it seems that there is also an element where the player is strengthened enough to play. The early access period is planned for about one year, and when it is released, four heroes and chapters can be played. In addition, up to four cooperative play can also be enjoyed.

# BATTLEBIT Remastered

This work is an online FPS that can enjoy large-scale matches with up to 254 people. Many soldiers and landslooks Vehicle versatility are contaminating full destructive maps that can enjoy full-scale modern match multiplayer. Such a work is one of the features of the low polygon, and the recommended and minimum specifications are set considerably low while being large and large. It seems to be able to play with a laptop.

The number of map sizes and bases is adjusted by the number of server current players, and changes with the 8VS8, 16VS16, 32VS32, 64VS64, 127 VS127 player size. Soldiers are divided into assault, medics, engineers, support, and Professional soldiers of Recon, and each equipped with characteristic gadgets. Currently, more than 35 weapons are implemented, and fine customizations such as muzzle and underbarrel, side rail, magazine, site are possible. Soldiers themselves customization and loadout settings are also free.

THIS is the Modern FPS we wanted.. (+ its FREE?)

The other day, the last play test was held, but the test is postponed due to server issues. As public tests to be carried out again are planned this month, how are you going to participate?

# Rich Lands

The STEAM store page of the open world mining sim “Rich Lands” planned to be released for PC (Steam) on July 1 was released. This work is a realistic simulation game that extracts, processes and sells resources. Players manipulate various vehicles and collect valuable resources from land, production and sales. In addition, we will extend your own land or grow your business with an unpredictable open world.

The game is in a state of owning one partition, and trees are harvested and the land is cut off, and the rock is crushed to collect resources. In the next step, we look for factories for processing resources. Basic products can be manufactured, such as lithium batteries, plastics, polyesters, glass and copper wire based on the collected materials. Also, complex items such as cars, laptops, statues, and homes can be manufactured. Let’s sell the manufactured product in the market.しかし、売買価格は現実世界のように常に変化し、プレイヤーのビジネススキルが試されるとのことです。 In addition, Japanese correspondence is also scheduled to be released.

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