“PORTAL” series writer reconsces early start of new development-“Im not young already”

An Eric Wolpau, who was responsible for many Valve work lighters such as “ Half-Life ” and “ Portal ” series, but participate in “ Portal 3 ” development in overseas interviews I revealed its motivation and its deep background.

Walpau has left Valve in 2017, but is a game writer that is deeply involved in the series, including “Portal” related work “Aperture desk Job” released this year. He says that “if you have the following games (” Portal 3 “) in the interview, there is a big hurdle for realization.

According to the story, it is said that Valve does not have approximately 300 employees, and considering that 75 people are needed for game production, it will be “a great opportunity loss” for the company. In addition, while “Portal 3” can be predicted steadily, it is also the background that “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” will not be able to make money. But at the above problems, “I am not young already. (Development teams) literally He argued that he should start the development of the same work right now.

Also, in this interview, Walpau was once “Database Programmer”, and the fact that I do not like writing, and employees are a little scared of CEO Gabe Newwell, but it was not so Such as the surprising side of his he was revealed.

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