Does PlayStation buy from software? All about the new crazy rumor that comes from Japan

We are still around with shopping! And eye, because if this rumor happens, it would be very fat. After his bungie purchase last January, and his $ 1 billion investment in Epic Games recently, it seems that from PlayStation they want to continue taking off the wallet for a walk. This time again, the acquisition rumors point to a legendary company.

Did PlayStation buy fromSoftware?

This is the rumor that launched on April 18 A tweet of Serkan Toto, economist and specialized analyst in the Japanese videogame industry. Thanks to his very full contact book and the precise analysis of him, in the past he has predicted many important events. For this reason he publishes this: _ “One of my favorite studies, fromSoftware, based in Tokyo, is currently the subject of rumors that it is a candidate for a merger or acquisition (M & A) by Sony”._

Next, the expert tells a brief backsoftware history, the origins of the study that has created jewelry as Elden Ring, Dark Souls or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice . We learn in particular that the study was created in 1986, and at that time concentrated its activity on the development of software in B2B (company to company). The first game of the brand saw Light 8 years later, in 1994 at PlayStation, under the name of King’s Field .

Subsequently, fromSoftware passed from one project to another, only to be acquired by 80% (and then in its entirety) by Kadokawa by the modest sum of $ 22.5 million in 2014 . A very low figure compared to those that today are accustomed to investing large companies. All this, then, tells us that the study has suffered (and continues to suffer) a low estimate of its price and continuous OPA to that of the Japanese media giant Kadokawa .

What is Sony doing in all this?

Sony Buying FromSoftware Is A TERRIBLE Idea

This is the question that remains in the air. Serkan Toto clarified that the rumor did not come directly from him, but had been transmitted. In question, the explicit desire of Sony to continue with its madness of redemptions, plus the cultural proximity of the two Japanese companies. In addition, Kadokawa, a company specialized in Japanese audiovisual, seems to be moving away from the videogame industry in recent years.

It is important to bear in mind that these are only assumptions, although backed by an expert in the field of Japanese video games , but Sony or fromSoftware have not yet confirmed anything.

Recently, rumors had circulated on the next acquisition of Kojima Studios by Sony, that Hideo Kojima himself quickly denied. In any case, as Sony said, we suspect that the acquisitions will continue on the side of the parentStation parent company, and we are anxious to see what studies will be the next!

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