How to Get Ink Blue Dye in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV there is literally hundreds of paints, with which you can customize your character. One of the most popular recently because of its almost coal-black color is Ink Blue Dye. Here’s how to do it:

The ink blue dye is a common dye that can be purchased from several sellers throughout Eorzee and beyond. Cost 216 Gil , it is also quite accessible. It is also sold at a reasonable price on the Marketboard, perhaps for more lazy wol, who do not want to look for it. However, it is not worth selling it back NPC. When reselling the NPC, it is sold in just one gyl.

You can buy Ink Blue Dye with the following NPC sellers:

  • Ansynrael – Lower decks Limsa Lominsa (X: 6,0, Y: 12.3)
  • Alaric – Old Groth (X: 14.3, Y: 8.8)
  • Nanabe – Ultra – Tala Steps (X: 14.2, Y: 11.0)
  • Eylvi – sky (X: 12.2, Y: 14.2)
  • Frine – pillars (x: 6.0, y: 9.9)

Final Fantasy XIV New Players Guide | WoW Refugee Manual
* Tokohana – Kugan (x: 12.9, y: 12.2)

Ink Blue Dye is incredibly useful and universal, because it gives almost black as a smt color is better than Soot Black Dye. It is also much cheaper than Jet Black Dye, which is sold at the box office, and provides the same dark and thoughtful look for much more reasonable 216 Gil.

In general, if you are looking for a black dye, skip Soot Black and Jet Black and take the Ink Blue, and enjoy your character looks like!

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