Todays Wordle answer No. 307: Information for Friday, April 22nd

Today is the day of the earth! And if it is coincidence or not, there is something suitable for today’s Wordle. It may be a scary feeling at this point to maintain a multi-month performance series in order not to break the Wordle chain and keep this 100% profit rate, so we are here to help. Here are notes and today’s answer for Wordle 307 (Friday, April 22).

Notes for Wordle April 22

Daily NY Times Wordle Puzzle 307 Answer Word for 22nd April, 2022 | What is Today's Wordle?
Here are some hints that help you to receive today’s answer:

  • Think green (green is not the right word).
  • This word is used as verb and noun.
  • As a noun, it is what heat-eaters heat.
  • As a verb means to lay or store something on a surface.
  • With regard to botany, it means putting seeds or other vegetative objects in Earth.

  • This word has a vowel.
  • This word has two consonant graphs (eg “Pl”).

Today’s Wordle 307 Answer

If the instructions for day 307 are not enough, you can see the answer below.

The answer to the Wordle of April 22 is plant, plant .

How does Wordle work?

Wordle is a daily wordtrace game available on the New York Times website. You have six attempts to guess the right word for the day. Each tip or word must contain five letters, no more and no less.

If you guess a word, the game tells you whether the letters you use occur in the word of the day.

A gray box indicates that the letter is not used in the word of the day. A yellow box means that you have received the letter, but not at the right position. A green box indicates that the letter and its position are correct in the word you are looking for.

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You can not insert random letter combinations into the boxes to exclude them. Each word entered in the box must actually exist in the English language.

You can play Wordl now on any web browser, whether you are on a PC or smartphone.

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