4x Space Strategy “Stellaris” Extended DLC “Overlord” Overseas Time from May 12th-Making a Specialist Empire

PARADOX Interactive announced that the 4X Space Strategy “ Stellaris ” extension DLC “ OVERLORD ” will be delivered to PC (STEAM) from May 12 and released the announcement trailer.

This work is a so-called 4x system simulation that explores, extended, development, and eradicate four elements of expansion, development and eradication. Players will explore and investigate and investigate a galaxy system that is unknown with highly developed scientific survey vessels. A wide variety of different-letter races exist in the universe automatically generated, and use negotiations and skills while deepening interstellar exchange, and assemble a strategy according to the situation.

This release of the release DLC “Overlord” is mainly focused on the domicits and diplomatic diplomacy, and the new “ rims system ” specializes the role of ventals in the auto, dominates the planet and dependent nations A number of ways to be placed below have been added. For example, in order to grow into a newly handed dependent state or “military specialist” or “military group nation” or “technical group nation”, etc., we attach contracts and agreements to the venture through negotiations and demands, and specialists It is possible to create an empire.

In addition, five new origins “Imperial fiefdom (Empire)” “Slowshot to the Stars” “Subterranean” “Subterranean” “Teachers of the SHROUD” “Progenitor Hive (set Ego) is added.

さらに、この銀河での支配権を強固にする「Orbital Rings(軌道リング)」「Hyper Relays(超伝達装置)」「Quantum Catapults(量子カタパルト)」といった技術的効果が追加され使用できます。

4x Space Strategy “Stellaris” Extended DLC “Overlord” will be delivered on May 12, 19.99 for PC (STeam).

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