GTA Online: How to get free Green Square Goggles, White Blin with Drawing and Cap Vom Feuer White

Something that usually happens practically every week in GTA online is that players have the opportunity to get new garments to modify the appearance of their characters. However, this time it will be even more special because in the next guide we are going to tell you how to make you up to three new items without having to pay anything in return.

How to get green square glasses, the white batín with drawing and the vom feuer white cap

Normally to benefit from this promotion, just connect to the GTA V multiplayer, nothing more. However, the method that has been chosen for this week is different and will consist that you carry out a series of different missions, depending on the accessory that you want to agency for free.

For example, all bikers who complete a sales mission will be carried in exchange A pair of green square glasses . On the other hand, those looking for something to cover the heat of the sun can obtain The Blanca Feuer vom feuer just by carrying out a mission for the sale of arms trafficking.

But if you are one of those who prefer something bigger and elegant, then do not hesitate to successfully make a special merchandise mission, because this will allow you to take you A white batin with drawing . Of course, for all this you will have in the deadline until April 27, so you have work ahead.

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