Even more Star Wars: Leak for new Jedi

The Star Wars series “ Tales of the Jed I”, which is subject to many rumors, has now been officially confirmed. As part of the Star Wars Celebration , which will take place in Ahaheim from May 26 to 29, 2022, the animation series is to be discussed on an official panel. According to Jeff Grubb, Jedi falls for the first time at the event: 2, which we have already reported on in recent months. Tales of the Jedi, like the Star Wars: Visions, should become an anthology series. Say, a composition of many smaller animated stories from the Star Wars Universe.

Which Jedi will appear?

It is currently not known who should appear in anthology. The title naturally allows the focus that numerous stories of the Jedi will be in focus. The universe is by no means lacking potential candidates. So far, there is also no release date for the series.

Who is part of the panel?

Due to the structure of such an anthology, it is also possible to tell various stories of various Jedi in the context of history, without absolutely bringing these stories into a direct connection. The panel to Tales of the Jedi is on 28. May 2022 take place.

The panel is hosted by Amy Ratcliffe, which is received as a guest, among others. Filoni has so far appeared for brand Star Wars as a writer and as a producer.

In these two roles, Filoni was in series like the Mandalorian , Star Wars: the Bad Batch , Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars: Rebels significantly involved. Ratcliffe, on the other hand, has written numerous Star Wars books, including “Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy”, “The Jedi Mind”, or “Star Wars: Battles That Changed the Galaxy”.

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