Fractured online with temperatures and weather

The world of fractured online is a huge sandpit. In this MMORPG we build cities, operate the Ingame economy together with other players, play farmers and conquer other settlements. We have already illuminated this in a preview. Now the developers of the Dynamight Studios have revealed a day-night cycle and a temperature system-and how they have an impact. The FRACTURED online blog goes down even further. We introduce you to the highlights of the temperature system briefly.

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temperatures in fractured online

How warm or cold it becomes in the online role-playing game depends on various factors:

  • The bioma in which you are up (tundra, volcanoes, etc.)

How to pronounce difficult words related to the temperature and weather
* The daytime
* The weather

All of these factors contribute to the fact that your character can get the status effects warm and cold – which can even be frozen and burning from 100 stacks. There are still aspects such as temperature tolerances of the three peoples in fractured, but also protective potions or clothing with insulation effects. You can even meet with your own magic – a fireball against the cold, so to speak. Biome in fractured online can ensure that your character’s body continues to heat up – this is a good breeding ground for fire spells, which then set you on fire. Source: Gamigo

weather system with your own clouds

The dynamic weather system from fractured online is supported by “living” clouds. These grow further and further, darken the sun over time until they can result in different weather events. A normal storm cloud becomes storm or in the worse case. A snowstorm cloud can result in normal snowfall or a snowstorm. If you stay in the center of an event, the effects are stronger than on the edge. And such clouds can even overlap, which means that you can be hit by different weather events at the same time – which means that you also suffer significantly stronger temperature effects. They currently only have a negative effect on temperature, so they cool down. In the future, however, fire rain and meteorite showers will be added.

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