Guild Wars 2: Only get cheap today

To get pretty and useful content from the Guild Wars 2 shop, you need gemstones or GEMs. You can simply buy them against Ingame gold, but also to buy it. If you want to save, you should still access it today. Because only today, on May 2, 2022, there are Gem Cards with a 20 percent discount! Instead of the typical 25 euros, you only pay 20 euros for 2,000 gems. On top of that, you will get the Path of Fire extension (+ the Heart of Thorns!) Extension at half price. The developers at Arenanet shared an overview of the participating online shops.

cheap Gem Cards for Guild Wars 2

Five online shops sell until May 2, 2022 Gem Cards with a 20 percent discount:

  • GamesCardsdirect
  • Licente-Jocuri

Even more saving: The gaming -Week has started on Amazon – secure great bargains!

Free to play vs Paid - Guild Wars 2

Path of Fire Buy at half price

If you are missing the content from Path of Fire as a GW2 player or if you want to make a gamer with a gift, you can also get Path of Fire Extra: The expansion must also be fetched by May 2, 2022 with a discount, you only pay half as much as in the following shops:

  • Gamelieb
  • Gamecardsdirect EN
  • Gamecardsdirect FR
  • Gamecardsdirect NL
  • Key4you
  • CD Galaxy

Beautiful outfits like the winter monarch dress set are available in the Guild Wars 2 gemstone shop against Gems. Source: Guild Wars

What do you get for gemstones in Guild Wars 2?

Via the valuable GEMs in GW2 you can get a wide variety of goodies in the MMORPG shop. So of course you can get special weapons skins, armor and outfits as well as new looks for mounts, chairs, gliders, fishing and ships. But there are also practical upgrades-enlarges your storage facilities in the bank, secure additional slots for bags of your character and get cross-character item slots in the inventory! Or even gives access to VIP areas in which you can find important NPCs, crafting stations & Co. close to each other. For example, the popular fog wing supplement in which you have directly access to the instances in the fractals.

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