MMORPG TERA is full of gifts and bonuses in its last weeks

In June of this year, the MMORPG TERA servers will be forever closed, and therefore the GameForge publishing house announced several permanent events that will really be until the very last day of TERA.

RIP TERA - Global Shut Down Full Information
All these events are aimed at ensuring that the players receive maximum pleasure from the last weeks of the project. In Danzhah, there are three times more loot, similar bonuses relate to the quests of the avant -garde, and the entrance to the part of the dungeons is now made at a discount. You can familiarize yourself with the details about available events by the link.

MMORPG TERA is still available on a PC, but in June its servers will be permanently disconnected, and the developers decided to stop supporting the project.

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