Police shoot alleged pokemon cards thieves

One of the greatest treasures in collecting today are the letters of _ Pokémon _ , objects that grow its value as time passes, especially if they are special editions. Their prices reach such high levels that even some people try to steal them to benefit, that is the case of alleged criminals in a store _ target _ .

Multiple units converged in one of these businesses in _ Kissimmee, Florida, _ Last Wednesday night, in response to an Black Audi with hidden registration labels. Information that was sent to the environment _ Kotaku _ .

Police shoot unarmed man with hands up

Seeing two teenagers, they were considered “suspect” for using hood and masks, a loss prevention officer told the officers inside that they were seen hiding cards _ Pokémon _ and a pizza . He saw everything through surveillance cameras within the establishment.

According to the statement, we tried to have contact with the _ Audi _ black by several units after surrounding the parking lot and being occupied by others. There was also a demolition that resulted in a shooting involved by an officer.

In the shooting he wounded both suspects, of which one was seriously injured. A fourth subject was arrested, but it is not clear if they were accused. All were taken to a local hospital, and a survivor could not appear before the court on April 28. It was reported that none of the alleged culprits were in possession of weapons.

It is worth commenting, that the theft of these _ Pokémon _ cards resulted in a life in return, since one of the suspected “not armed” failed to survive the shot they gave. In addition, the name of the agents that opened fire was not given, as they are supposedly backed by law and by the same county sheriff.

Editor’s note : The information for the resolution of the case was somewhat confusing. But without a doubt, it was a fairly extreme measure to send two agents to open fire against two unarmed subjects. After all, it was just a pizza and some cards. Of course, the suspects had to pay, but not in the way in which the theft was resolved.

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