Dark Elf was shattered in Lineage W with the class change.

NCsoft updated the second episode ‘Dark Elf’ on Lineage W on the 4th.

From the 4th, you can play the new class ‘Dark Elf’. The Dark Elf uses powerful physical attack power and stealth technology that deceives enemies, and uses icodo and crowes as a dedicated weapon.

[Lineage W] Class Story : Dark Elf

By the 18th, you can change the existing character class through the class change. In addition, by accessing the game every day by the 25th, you can receive consumable items to help you nurture, and if you achieve a specific level by June 2, you will be given a potion of Sung -jung, which gains additional experience.

Along with this, the 19th World (server) Antaras is opened. You can access Antaras from 6 pm on the 4th. All users give 1 million adena (game goods) at 10 o’clock on the 4th night, and when they play new characters in Antaras, they play and play 3 times (9:00, 14:00, 18:00) Provides compensation, attendance check compensation (rare weapons/armor manufacturing secrets, blessed weapons/armor magic spells, etc.).

Meanwhile, the update plan was announced in the online broadcasting director Talk 2, which was held on April 29. On the 11th, a new party dungeon ‘Garden of Craving’ will be added, and on the 18th, the new dungeon Oman’s tower and the first server transfer will be held. Afterwards, a new gnostic giran will be released, and the reorganization of the mileage shop will be reorganized.

For more information, please visit the Lineage W official website.

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