[Todays Steam] May 4th is Star Wars Day, Orders Fall interest

May 4 is Star Wars Day. One of Star Wars’s representative ambassadors, “The Force Be with You,” is a kind of language play made by borrowing ‘May’ in May and ‘Fourth’ in 4 days. On this day, related games are heating up the world’s top selling products in the world. In particular, Star Wars Jedi: The fall of the order has risen scared.

At 10 am on the 4th, Star Wars Jedi: The order of the order of order is sixth. Star Wars Jedi: The fall of the order was released in 2019, developed by Respon Entertainment. Jedi’s action using the Soul Lake genre and light swords and force was well -received, showing good synergy. In particular, the main character, Carl Kestis, dealt with the contents that were not covered in the film, and attracted great response from Star Wars fans. The game is selling at a 75% discount on Star Wars Day, showing high sales volume.

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LEGO Star Wars: Sky Walker Saga has been in the rankings for a long time. He has been pushed out of the top 10 since April 28, but returned to the chart to fourth place at Star Wars Day. As the Star Wars series is a general work, it is the latest work, so it can be estimated that even though it is not sold separately, it was possible to achieve this results.

In addition, Rogue Legacy 2, which was released on the 29th, was ranked first, beating the Elden Ring. Despite being excluded from the log game festival discount items, it is showing high sales volume as it is a new work. As the user evaluation is also ‘very positive’, it is estimated that the good evaluation of the game has a good effect on the good performance.

Destiny Guardians, who were 19th in the TOP 20 at the same time, rose to 9th place. Many players have returned to the game as the guardian competition, which is a large event in the game, was held.

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