The CS: GO stickers for the PGL Antwerp Major have fallen

For Counter-Strike: Global offensive fans is the day of stickers like Christmas. Every year, in the run-up to one of the majors, Valve brings out an update that not only enables people to start their Pick’ems challenge, but also enables people to immerse themselves in the strange world of CS: go-sticks. This time came with the PGL Antwerp Major around the corner.

But this time the stickers are plentiful. In the last major, only the eight best teams received autograph stickers – something that Valve was under fire – but now we seem to see a return to the form in which every competing player has the chance to become the crowd favorite.

From legendary players like Oleksandr ’S1MPLE‘ Kostyliev to competitors like Pavel ’S1ren’ Ogloblin, there is a sticker for every1. And if you still pick up a team logo or an autograph capsule in the shop today, you also have the chance to own one – after all, 50 % go to the players, teams and organizations involved.

This year the stickers are available in four variants: paper, glitter, holo and gold – with some signatures, especially Rick “Floppy” Kemery and Finn “Karrigan” Andersen, which look pretty good in the latter.

If you are not sure that you like-especially if you want to complete your large floppy tail collection like this CS: Go-Esports fan-you can see all autographs in our gallery below.


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Also on offer is the viewer pass, which gives you access to the expandable event coin, the pick’em challenge, team graffiti, a flair and exclusive access to the Antwerp 2022-souvenir packets. The event coins are upgraded for every real tip at the pick’em and the players are rewarded with souvenir packages – the investment is therefore worth it if they are familiar with it.

If you do not do this, you have time until May 9th to make your selection – so improve your knowledge and pray to the gambling gods.

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