Wemade Play, 1Q sales of KRW 34.4 billion… Overseas earnings

Wemade Play (CEO Lee Ho -dae) announced on the 11th that it recorded sales of KRW 34.4 billion, operating profit of 1.2 billion won, and net profit of 1.2 billion won in the first quarter of 2022.

Sales and operating profit increased by 15% and 116%, respectively, and sales increased by 47% and operating profit by 36%.

This earnings recorded stabilizing the domestic sales of Wemade Play recorded KRW 15.8 billion, and the company’s performance was completely reflected in the first quarter following its subsidiary Playings.

With the earnings of two subsidiaries focusing on the global market, Wemade Play’s overseas sales reached W18.6bn. On the other hand, large -scale investments of W7.8bn, including Marketing, and Marketing of the two companies, and the marketing of the two companies, have become the background for a decrease in operating profit.

Wemade Play predicts that growth will begin in earnest by the launch of new works and launch of subsidiaries from the end of the first half. As a new work, ‘Ani Pang Match’ made of ‘Ani Pang 4’ and ‘Ani Pang Blast’ using Ani -Pang Touch are the first runners of the blockchain game and are preparing to launch.

In addition, blockchain -based mobile games such as Social Casino games and genre -combined casual games, including Playings, are planned to be launched within the year.

Lee Ho -dae, CEO of Wemade Play, said, “We expect this year, which will be the first year of corporate leap, which will be in full swing, including blockchain -based P & E games and related new businesses, entering Weix platforms, and starting subsidiaries.”

Meanwhile, Wemade Play will unveil the expectations of subsidiaries specialized by platforms and genres, such as Playings, Play Match Curl, Playto, and Flyer, for the expansion of game and blockchain services.

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