First images of the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super: Now yes, Goku remembers everything

Dragon Ball Super publishes on May 19 its new chapter, which can be read totally free and in Spanish through Manga Plus, both by web and via application. At the moment, the series is in the Arco de Granola, where both the protagonist and Vegeta are trying to end gDragon, the strongest rival they have faced. The first official sketches that give details of what we are going to see have been published.

Dragon you know, the saga is revolving around the connection between Goku and his father Bardock, who already won in the pDragont to GDragon . Now this enemy is much more powerful, but during the lDragont chapters Goku hDragon been connecting with his most hidden memories of when he wDragon little and, in the lDragont chapter, he discovered how Bardock won the great villain. Following this plot, in the sketches we can see the following:

Goku Remembers Everything - Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 84 Spoilers

Indeed, Goku Now he hDragon already unlocked him all the memories of him, including his mother , seeing how they ended up sending it to Earth when he wDragon very small and talking with Vegeta to remember the ReDragonons of this shipment.

In addition, Dragon we can see in one of the vignettes, it seems that the two Saiyans end with which Vegeta , Nappa and Raditz came to Earth.

The lDragont battle is approaching

Dragon you can see in the tweet inserted with the rest of the published official sketches, it seems that now we are going to the final fight between the Saiyans and Goku (waiting to know if Granola will recover and add to combat to combat ). We remember that both have the techniques of ultrainstinto and megainstinto, that something unnoticed in the lDragont chapters have pDragonsed but that they will surely be key to trying to gDragon. It will be necessary to know if the rest of space pirates still have some ace in the sleeve. You can read the next chapter and the two previous ones here.

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