Cook against black in Bocholt

At the latest after the SSVG Velbert and the 1. FC Bocholt won her Sunday games, it was clear that VfB 03 Hilden only had outsider chances in three fights.

Hilden drove from TVD Velbert on Saturday with a 2: 4 defeat. The TVD took the lead with a counterattack (13th). Ten minutes later, the goal scorer struck again, this time he used a ball loss of the Hilden ice cold.

Already in the 29th minute, the guests germinated new hope when captain Schaumburg, who will end his career at the end of the season, abandoned on Weber and shortened it. But gap was just a class of its own this afternoon, in the 41st minute he scored the 3-1.

What VfB had also taken during the break, with the 4: 1 by Schubert-Abubakari, Velbert quickly pulled the plug to the promotion candidate. The 2: 4 of Altuntas no longer changed (68th).

The Red Team Get Salty Over Black Jackets Helping Them | Hell's Kitchen

the double urban

SSVG Velbert used the city internal template with a 2-1 win on Sunday at Ratingen 04/19. Defensive player Urban slipped into the unusual role of the goal scorer. First he headed a cross from Schieber in the 35th minute, then his penalty goal decided the game in the 77th minute. In the meantime, Ilbay had balanced with a transformed penalty in the 37th minute.

Leaders 1. FC Bocholt, who has played a game more than the new second from Velbert, did his mandatory task against the ETB black and white. The Esseners offered well, but a quick speed shock brought FCB the lead in the 40th minute. Yanagisawa was successful in one-on-one in front of guest goalkeeper Jaschin. Black and white replied suddenly, Romano brought a direct free kick in the goal in the 45th minute – 1-1.

a controversial penalty

The tilting point of this game occurred in the 72nd minute when Jaschin jumped up to catch the ball, but hit a Bocholter attacker. The referee gave a penalty, Essen was out of mind. Platzek remained cool and sank the penalty. In injury time Wakamiya added 3-1. He hit the empty goal, Jaschin had rushed forward in the hope of a late balance.

620 spectators saw an emotional game, but at least two of them exaggerated in an unacceptable way: As Bocholt announced late Sunday evening, Essen coach Suat Tokat apparently spat on. To make matters worse, racist insults should have been expelled on the ranks. The FCB writes on Facebook: “As the first consequence, we immediately refered two people who were able to clearly identify the stadium. In the future, we will also punish this without exception: 1. FC Bocholt stands for a cosmopolitanian cooperation! Behavior is not a place for us! We apologize to Suat Tokat and with the ETB players concerned. The behavior of individuals does not represent the values of 1. FC Bocholt or the vast majority of our followers! “

Meanwhile, it was played instead of spit in two other places: The Sportfreunde Baumberg beat 1. FC Monheim 3-2. The game really took off towards the end, the 2-0 lead manufactured by Klotz (6th) and Sarikaya (60th) in the minute 83 and 90+1 before Sarikaya was still in the third minute of stoppage time Baumbergers still gave the threesome.

The match between the SpVG Schonnebeck and TSV Meerbusch remained without a winner. Only Ayan scored for the TSV (6th), Dertwinkel scored the goal for the 1-1 final score in the 62nd minute.

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