Fortnite: Request air strike – thats how it works

In our Air Schlag guide to Fortnite you can find out:

  • How you get an air strike
  • How you require an air strike

  • Where you find a tank

The Fortnite orders (Guide) include other tasks that you have to do with a tank **. If you skillfully do it, you can paralyze a tank (guide) and put a tank into the air (guide) when the air strike order is carried out.

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Where can I get an air strike?

“Luftschlag” is a new legendary golden item that you can find everywhere on the map. It looks like a can and can lie on the floor, be hidden in chests or burst out of the storage lama piñata when you do it. It is best to look for a golden shimmer.

Request for a tank – that’s how it works

The easiest way is to do the order if you jump off near a tank at the beginning of a match and look for an air strike there. On the map below we will tell you All Panzer Fundorte . As soon as you have an air strike in the inventory, you go to a tank.

You use the air strike like a grenade . Throw the can on the tank and a short time later, an air strike is triggered that rains on the tank. You can also do this with an empty tank – no opponent or NPC has to sit in the tank.

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Call in an Air Strike on a tank Fortnite Quest Guide

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