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It’s been a long time since I opened the Call of Cutlu TRPG rule book on the bookshelf. The worldview of Love Craft described in the book was still attractive. But the barriers of time and manpower needed to enjoy this taste were so high and clear.

Then, I thought, ‘Don’t you have to enjoy this worldview with TRPG?’ If you look around Steam, there are many different games that can directly or indirectly enjoy the love craft worldview. So, in this [Gem ㅊㅊ], I will introduce the warm games that have been released since 2020, which borrowed the love craft ‘Cthulhu myth’. Would you like to meet you right now?

One. World of Horror

Top 10 LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR Indie Games Hidden Gems on Steam

‘World of Horror is a game of Japanese visual horror. In Japanese, it is written as a ‘world of fear’. Visual work is a generic 1 -bit graphic with 100% paint. As it was only depicted as black and white dot, the bizarreness of the presidency was maximized. The unknown phenomena of hospitals, abandoned classrooms, quiet apartments, and dark forests, and the unknown phenomena in the dark forest, are constantly testing the minds of the residents.

The player must face the unknown phenomenon that dominates the end to face this test. You can identify the phenomenon through the logite method, stop the consciousness, find an incomprehensible clue, and solve the mysterious puzzle that appears randomly. Ito Junji and H.P. The charming worldview that draws a mixture of love craft makes the process more enjoyable. However, if there is a bad thing, the game is now ahead of two years, and the update is slow and the user’s child is burned.

2. Source of Madness

It’s a similar logite game, but it’s also recommended by the side -scrolling action game, Source of Madness. Based on the Loam Land based on the lovecraft worldview, it is a game that goes on a nightmare journey. The protagonist knows the unknown beings in the universe hidden in the land of Roam and the tower of madness, and confronts them.

The combat style is a way of using short -range magic, helping the protagonist by shining shiny in the dark world. It’s a logite style, so even if you die, everything doesn’t go away, and you can strengthen your own abilities, classes, and spells through your points. The distinction between the Source of Madness is that it maximizes the discomfort brought by the universal unknown being. It is especially recommended for those who like the fear of subtle slow movements or bizarre tentacles.

3. Forgive Me Father

‘Poppy Me Father’ is a game that mixes the Christian atmosphere and lovecraft worldview as you can see from the atmosphere of the title. The protagonist must be a priest or a journalist and kills an enemy who seems to appear in Cthulhu myth. It is an attractive game with a 2D character with a US comic sensibility that is added to the background of 3D. Colors that change depending on the situation are one of the factors that add fear to simple graphics.

The weapons are not known where they were made, and the protagonist begins to dig into the secrets buried in the church. After adapting to a slightly unkind manipulation that maximizes the operation of the classic FPS in the 90s, you will see the explosive blow that you feel every time you kill the unknown existence. If you have one unfortunate thing about this attractive game, the abandoned Me Father does not support Korean. However, it is not difficult to understand the story and structure of the game because it does not require high English skills.

4. Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea, which is an intuitive title, is also a great game to enjoy. The 1930s, the era of the Love Craft worldview, tells the story of a distant place in the South Pacific. The protagonist Nora crosses the sea after chasing her disappeared husband and her husband’s fellow investigator. Nora arrives at an unknown island full of lost civilization and remnants. The sea, which seemed to be beautiful, appears in front of Nora in an unknown appearance, and meets her husband and meets the unknown seabed cities and unknown ruins.

Call of the Puzzle’s center is relatively small compared to the previous games, but maximizes the unknown fear that faces unknown things while looking for the background and secrets of the times. It is a linear structure close to the working simulator, and the slowly revealed story makes the immersion more immersive. What is the end of the hidden secrets that we have investigated the clues left by the people I went to and collected them together and learned while solving various puzzles?

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