Elite Dangerous: insure ship

Elite Dangerous: This costs ship insurance

Thanks to insurance, you don’t need to worry about a total loss in space even with expensive ships.
Ship insurance works as follows:
* If you buy a new ship, it is automatically insured.
* However, this insurance only covers 95 percent of the value.

So you have to pay the remaining 5 percent if your ship has been destroyed and you want to restore it.
* This “personal contribution” also includes upgrades.

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The value of your ship increases and thus also the insurance value.
* If you equip your ship, for example, with an upgrade for 20,000 credits, the new purchase would be 5 percent after a loss, i.e. 1,000 credits.
It is therefore advisable to always make sure that your remaining account balance is sufficient for the increasing insurance value.

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