Favorite fragrant dishes of all characters in the Genshin Impact Spitses from the West event

The Genshin Impact Space From The West event is held until June 7, 2022 . During the event, you can mix fragrant seasonings that can be used to prepare aromatic dishes that can be given to the Serenitea Pot companions.

Each character is not indifferent to certain dishes. Providing them with dishes in each category will open various replicas. However, keep in mind that due to the maintenance of Serenitea Pot it is impossible to change the companions in your kingdom to further notice.

How to cook aromatic dishes in GenShin Impact

You need to have a delicious version of any dish of the event that you can look at by clicking on the icon Use the seasoning Section of the Event menu. To prepare a delicious dish, be sure to click orange bar when cooking manually if you have not yet unlocked automatic cooking.

Having received a delicious dish, return to the “use” section in the event menu to use the specified amount of fragrant seasonings on a delicious dish, turning it into a fragrant dish.

Favorite fragrant dishes of all characters in Genshin Impact

Contact the table below to find out what dishes like and do not like the characters. You can also unlock the third replica for food, which they belong neutral, giving them any aromatic dish not indicated in the categories below.

All Characters Food Reaction Voice-Line in

Check out our guidance on how to prepare fragrant seasonings and dishes in the Genshin Impact Spice From The West to learn more about how to cook fragrant dishes for Serenitea Pot Companions.

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