[Daikiri] “If you make furniture from a game character”, the screening results are announced!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESpark Ogiri, the 614th review results announcement. The theme this time was “ If you make furniture from the game character *”, thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

A part of the structure shakes and unstable flash furniture, etc.


__ Friend of Spa

Spelunker -made furniture that is difficult to use or deliver, or distribute it

It seems to be broken in the middle of making

__ Friend of Spa

The furniture made from Zangiev is new but full of scratches

Damage processing

__ Friend of Spa

Kirby refrigerators are carappo no matter how much ingredients

The form changes quickly

__ Friend of Spa

If you make it from Adol Christine, the chair is specially called “ys”

It seems that the season is coming in

__ Friend of Spa

Togezo’s bed is just a torture device

Like Iron Maiden

__ Friend of Spa

I ran away when I made a safe from a metal slime in anticipation of durability

It is considered a big game in the thief area

__ Friend of Spa

Furniture made from Puyo disappears when four furniture of the same color is arranged.
You have to be careful.

There is no sense of unity…

__ Friend of Spa

When I try to go out with a good coordination
Wardrobe that asks me, “Is it okay with such equipment?”

“It’s all right, there is no problem”

__ Friend of Spa

Cushioning is good, but it gradually becomes stiffer and mold grows.

It’s just bread

__ Paxcarana

Because it was made from a snake, I put on cardboard during the time
I have a hard time using it because it hides somewhere

You can see by the smell of cigarettes

__ Friend of Spa

He’s gaining weight

Who are you

__ Friend of Spa

For some reason, this is a signboard that makes you want to hit people asexually with this MADE from Kiryu Kazuma

Does the signboard enter furniture?

__ Friend of Spa

Link closets that must be raised overhead each time you take out things

Teletide ♪

__ Friend of Spa

Furniture made from Western gacras is often strangely rugged.

File Deleter by gabrik
Somehow rough

__ Friend of Spa

Shelf “I swore to carry your burden”

The bread that I put in is gone…

__ Friend of Spa

The lighting made from Dosun falls when approaching.


__ Friend of Spa

If you lie down to sleep, you can decide the break spiral as it is
Duck King Size Bed

The meaning of falling asleep changes

__ Friend of Spa

Peach furniture is stolen regularly, no matter how strictly stored it is stored.

Are you already stolen from yourself?

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