Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic: Remake

Last year the long -awaited remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PS5 and PC was officially announced . In addition to the short teaser, there has not yet been too much of the new edition. But something could soon change that, as the Embracer Group revealed in a Q&A round with investors. Accordingly, the developers of Aspyr Media want to provide new information about the project in the ** “next few months”.


remake will need a little more time

Those responsible are convinced that the new edition of Kotor will be “fantastic” . But fans have to be patient. Due to the ambitions and the size of the project, you want to put “a lot of effort and time” ** in the project in order to meet the enormous expectations. So far nothing has been said about a release. The title is likely to appear this year.

What do we know about the Kotor remake?

At the announcement at the time, the team announced that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic “will be revised from scratch”. However, you don’t want to change much in history and the characters to maintain the feeling of the classic. The developer studio now also includes employees who have participated in the former original from 2003. But now you are playing on a action fighting system as we know it from God of War or Nioh.

new edition should be a seller

The Embracer Group is also convinced that the remake of Kotor will be one of the best -selling games of the year , in which it will appear. That is precisely why you want to take your time to bring a decent product on the market with the development. At the moment there are numerous Star Wars games in the Machen-including Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream, a new action adventure by the Uncharted creator Amy Hennig, respawn’s successor to Jedi fall and much more.

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