LOL – Arcane: Riot Games and Netflix prepare news about the future of the series

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix
The launch of Arcane is one of the most celebrated moments in the history of League of Legends . Almost a decade of community requests were satisfied when we saw Powder take the first steps in animated fiction created in a gigantic association between Riot Games , Fortiche Production and Netflix . The first season was a success capable of snatching the first positions of the most watched on the streaming platform to the great series of the moment and six months after its conclusion an announcement about the future of this animated fiction is prepared.

Arcane will appear in the next great Netflix event

The streaming platform prepares to carry out a great summer event related to its Netflix Geeked division. This company’s plot specialized, among other things, in animated or video game series. In total there will be four days of presentations and Arcane will have a very relevant role in one of them. It will be June 8 when we have new information about the series inspired by League of Legends. Surely there will be interesting details, but we must moderate expectations: unless capital surprise season 2 of Arcane will not arrive this year.

In spite of everything, the Netflix Geeken event could reveal very interesting things about Season 2 of Arcane . Nothing has yet been revealed with respect to it beyond the fact that it takes much more time in production than we imagine. All fans have their theories about the future of the series and perhaps Riot Games and Fortiche want Streaming that does not go through its best moment.

The Netflix Geeked event can be followed through the company’s official accounts on Twitter, YouTube or Twitch. Of course, there will be more news related to series related to video games. Resident Evil , Cuphead , Tekken O Dota will have their own moments of glory over the four days of presentations. A big week that also coincides with substitutes for canceled E3 2022 such as the Summer Game Fest or the Xbox and Behtesda conference.

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