The best Pokemon that you can catch on Pokemon Go Fest 2022

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 should be the largest Pokémon Go event, with many rare Pokemon, raids and exclusive studies that players can do during the event. This year many Pokemon will be represented, and it may be a little difficult to understand which of them should be caught.

shiny Pokemon are available in habitats during Go Fest 2022

Shiny Pokemon are always popular during game events, and Go Fest 2022 is no exception. During the event, players will have many opportunities to catch brilliant Pokemon. The list of all the brilliant Pokemon appearing in every hourly habitat can be found below.

Rare Pokemon are available for ticket owners

Players who have tickets on Pokémon Go Fest 2022 can find the list below with the help of incense. All these Pokemon are rare, and some (for example, aircraft , does not owe as well as punchm ) it is almost impossible to find in the wild outside the events. These are Pokemon, which players should follow during Go Fest 2022.

  • Galar visitor*
  • Galar Mr. Mim
  • Unknown b*
  • Unknown g*
  • Unknown O*
  • Unknown u*
  • Torcoal

* Tropius
* Galar Darumaka
* Clink

* Axu*
* Pancham

* Pokemon marked with an asterisk can be brilliant at a meeting.

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