Sniper Elite 5 Liberal: how to neutralize defense

While the Germans are gathering their forces, you will be entrusted with neutralize enemy defenses during the Liberation mission at Sniper Elite 5.

You will go to the rear of the enemy, and the Germans patrol and guard every corner of the card. The next leadership will show you how to neutralize their defense in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 how to neutralize defense

There are three enemy defenses that you must neutralize. Among them are an enemy sniper, guarding the main entrance, an enemy tank guarding the bridge, and an enemy communication station.

There are several points of view that can be used. Although you can still shoot from most of them from afar, you will decide whether you are interested in shooting from weapons.

Protection No. 1: Enemy sniper

The first protection that you need to neutralize is a sniper on the top of the main tower. He will protect the entrance to the main zone on the south side.

This tower will be clearly visible when you approach the main search area. If you are still confused, just find the highest tower on the horizon.

Depending on your position, you can see a reflection from the sight of an enemy sniper. All you need to do is kill this sniper, and you will neutralize the first defense of the Germans.

You are recommended to shoot at it from afar, which you can easily do from the starting area. There is no need to risk exposure, approaching it.

Protection No. 2: Enemy Tank

The second protection that you need to neutralize is a tank near the bridge that goes into the main z1. This bridge will be intensively guarded, and the tank will be located on the left side of the bridge.

You can either go to the bridge in the forehead and kill all the enemies guarding the bridge with the tank, or approach the tank secretly on the water.

You can blow up the tank using TNT or Satchel Charge. You can also blow up the tank by shooting in a red barrel next to it. Everything depends on you.

Protection No. 3: enemy radio system

The third protection that you need to neutralize is a radio system. This enemy radio system is located inside the complex on the left side of the bridge, as soon as you cross, on the ground floor.

To turn off this radio system, you will need a scrap that is located on the same floor in the next room. The arrow in the image below shows the exact location of the room in the complex where the radio system is located.

Your goal will be fulfilled as soon as you turn off the radio system with a crowbar along with two other protective equipment mentioned earlier.

Sniper Elite 5 how to neutralize anti-aircraft guns

After the neutralization of three enemy defensive structures, you will be given an additional task to neutralize three anti-aircraft (air defense) guns to cleanse the sky for the Allied army.

These three anti-aircraft guns are scattered on the map. You will need to track down each of them and blow them up using Stachel Charge. However, if you have run out of the ranks of the satchel, you first need to go to one of many complexes to find them.


anti-aircraft gun#1

This anti-aircraft gun is located next to the initial search area next to the bridge, just to the right of the search area and next to the sniper tower. You can also find a stone eagle on the top of this sniper tower. The arrow in the image below indicates the exact location of the first anti-aircraft gun.

anti-aircraft gun#2

This anti-aircraft gun is located above the initial search area next to the bridge. Just follow the place marked on the map below to neutralize the second anti-aircraft gun.

anti-aircraft gun#3

The third and last anti-aircraft gun is located just a few meters north-east of anti-aircraft guns No. 2, as shown on the map below.

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