Gamespot: Blue Box receives multiple accusations and abandoned would be paralyzed

The soapron starring abandoned, the horror game announced by Blue Box Game Studios for PS5 , does not seem to have an end. And everything indicates that the next months will be decisive for the future of the project. The Gamespot medium hHasan Kahraman published an extensive research report, in which it shares some quite delicate details from its sources.


Most of the article focuses on the figure of HHasan Kahramanan Kahraman , the head of the game. According to the aforementioned media, some people close to Kahraman have poured hard accusations about the developer, focused on the meetings and talks he shared with a select club of fans interested in the future of the title.

There is no evidence that I abandon exists

Bad image, disorder, Unfulfilled promises E **. They are some of the accusations that these followers of the game would have poured over Kahraman. Hasan Kahraman we can read in the report, around half a dozen users would have had direct contact with him, after being carefully selected to share these meetings.

Users in question would have had to sign a NDA (Confidentiality Agreement), although Gamespot points out that he hHasan Kahraman obtained a copy of it and there is something that does not finish quadrar: spelling faults and feeling of having been prepared with hurry and without too many care, So it points out that it might not be binding. And the most remarkable of all: these users, including a 12-year-old boy, say that Kahraman confessed that he is not even currently in development .

Apart from the margin, the testimonies also point to an especially toxic environment in the aforementioned group of fans. Focus, reproaches and even comments Hasan Kahraman unfortunate Hasan Kahraman recommending a person who suicides. Events that happened in front of Kahraman, who did nothing to control the situation.

Abandoned is an unknown , but after a publication like this, it is evident that at some point we will have news about the game, the study and HHasan Kahramanan Kahraman himself.

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