Where is the flow of flowers in the oldness valley?

The Stardew Valley hosts many dances, festivals and events. One of them is the Dance of flowers. The mayor of Lewis will send you an invitation to the festival before it starts, so you do not need to do anything special to participate. During the festival, all buildings in the city will be closed.

Where can I find a flow dance?

The dance happens from 9:00 to 14: 00 in Sinersep forest . You cannot enter until 9 in the morning. This event takes place in the extreme West of the forest, across the bridge south of the wizard tower. You can access this area only during the dance of flowers.

What is a flow of flowers?

The flow of flowers is a public event that takes place 24 spring from 9:00 to 14:00. Everyone will get the opportunity to dance with the player if his attachment is quite high. When it ends, you will return to the farm at 22:00.

How to make the inhabitants of the village dance with me during the dance of flowers in the Valley Stardy?

In order for a rural resident to agree to dance with you, you need to win its location. More than four hearts . If none of the inhabitants of the village has an affection for four hearts, you can start a dance to finish the event and stand awkward in the corner.

Can I dance with other people if I am married during the dance of flowers in Stardew Valley?

Your relationship will not damage the dance with someone except your spouse. This is a platonic dance, and you can even dance with several people throughout the event. It also will not help you increase your chances to marry a certain resident of the village in the game.

What can you buy during the dance of flowers?

You can buy the following items in Kiosk Pierre during the Dance of Flowers:

Seasonal decor *-350g
seasonal plant -350g
Bath with flowers -250g
Bath with flowers recipe *-1000 g
Narcissus -50g
Dandelion -50g
Rare raven *-2500 g
wall flower -800g
FROM. Wall flower -400g
Ceiling leaves -400g

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