Granblue Fantasy Lillink postponed release within 2023 -Development status talk naked

Cygames has announced the postponement of the release of Gran Blue Fantasy Lilink software for PS5/PS4/Steam. It will be changed within 2022, which was announced.

Granblue Fantasy Lilink is an action RPG based on the company’s popular title Granblue Fantasy. Under the unique story of this work, characters such as the protagonist, Catalina, and Persivar will be fighting as a 3D model.

This is the second postponement this time, but the reason is I want to have a little time to improve the quality . In connection with the new colon virus infections, we have been working on our best while regaining the delay, despite various delay factors inside and outside the company, but with the large size of development, the final mountain. It is said that the development schedule has been extended, taking more time than expected by brushing up, adjusting the game balance, optimization work, etc.

Despite the current development status, all of these productions, including all graphic resources that appear in the game, scenarios, related audio recording, and music that color more attractive, have been completed.

The remaining is to make every detail for all elements, such as game balance, video, sound, touch, and debugging by repeating the play, and it is at the stage of improving the quality.

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