Diablo Immortal Infinity charges gacha criticized, user metascore is a rainy day 0.5/10

From June 3, 2022 (Fri) to June 9, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-Diablimoral is more than 10 million yen for a complete upgrade?

The latest play of the basic play of the popular action RPG that started distribution to PC/iOS/Android on June 3 is the latest work Diablimortal. The amount of billing required to completely upgrade the character has been a hot topic.

According to Bellaru News of overseas YouTuber, the highest level of legendary gems that can be upgraded in the premium currency in the game are not available for no charge, and the amount equivalent to $ 110,000 (about 11 million yen) is for complete upgrades. It will be necessary . Also, the Legendary Gem cannot be purchased directly by the player, and the only way to obtain the Legenda Rail Trip Box seems to be one of the controversial arguments.

Diablo Immortal costs up to about 10 million yen for a complete upgrade? Overseas YouTuber analysis


4th place- Terukazu Yoshida’s picture diary Taiko Richi-Shushiden V DX

A popular project, Teru Kazu’s picture diary, in which the uncle introduces the game along with his uncle’s picture. This time, the uncle introduces Taiko Richi-Shushiden V DX released by Koei Tecmo Games.

This work was released in 2004, the HD remastered version of the Taiko Restaurant Shiden V, which became a person in the Warring States period and walked across Japan at the time. In addition to additional elements such as new characters and new scenarios, it includes useful functions such as auto saves. This time, the uncle plays Hideyoshi Hashiba and plays a rebellion, making an uncle’s friend’s uncle as an original character. If you are interested, please see the original article!

[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] Taikoichi Shoden V DX Hideyoshi died socially, so I will resell it with a new character and aim for Ritsui.

3rd place-Epic Games Store Free distribution games are released

The EPIC Games store is currently holding games and DLC sales with more than 1,600 points until June 16th. During the sale period, a free distribution campaign for big titles has been held, and to date, the masterpiece action RPG Bio Shock Collection and the action ADV Wolfenstein: The New Order that fight against fictitious Nazis have been distributed.

At 3:00 am on June 9, the tips for the next free distribution were released.

Its identity is a single play work MANEATER that rampages the open world map as a shark. This work is a legendary ecosystem peak prey while exploring games from small sharks, various areas such as Mexico coasts, resort beaches, and the ocean, fighting for prey and human beings including humans. It is an action RPG that aims to evolve into a giant shark. Free distribution is held until 0:00 am on June 17, Japan time, so be sure to don’t forget to get it!

Hint video of the game scheduled to be distributed soon at the EPIC GAMES store is released-distribution starts from 0:00 on June 10th

2nd place- Diablo Immortal Director refuts the criticism

In response to the criticism of the billing elements of Diablimoral, which he mentioned in fifth place, Wyatt Chen of Blizzard Entertainment has released a comment on the Twitter account.

Criticism has been raised in various places, such as the announcement that the character is required for a complete upgrade of 10 million yen for a complete upgrade of the character, and the overseas streamer ZIZARAN in the past. He pointed out that he had said, There is no way to charge to get equipment or rank up.

Mr. Chen responded to this, saying, I came to the forefront of 12 items slots in many interviews, and I also stated that jewelry and legendary gems would be charged. In the end, Chen stated that criticism is the best, and that the criticized past remarks were only answered to the post.

Diablo Immortal Director argued in criticism I stated that jewelry is an element that can be made by billing.

1st place-freshly picked! Today’s Steam attention game [June 6, 2022]

From Monday to Friday, New! Today’s Steam’s Feature Game introduces Steam’s hottest titles.

On June 6, 2022, Rockman Exe is a live deck construction action RPG Endlanders: First Encounter, the highly difficult rogue-like FPS Space Beast Terror Fright, which has finally reached the official release after seven years Introducing Honey Select 2 Libido DX for adults that can create your favorite beauty. You may be able to find masterpieces and bargains, so if you are interested, check it out!

Rockman Eguze Live deck construction action RPG came out-freshly picked! Today’s STEAM Features 3 Selections [June 6, 2022]

This week, two topics of Diablimoral just released the other day are ranked. Looking at the metascore of the same work, the media score is not good or bad at 73/100, but the user score is 0.5/10, which is less than 1. I want you to somehow recover in future updates.

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