Jared Leto talks about returning as Joker or Morbius

Something that does not have a clear explanation, is the bad luck with which he has had Jared Leto When interpreting famous comics characters, the first was Joker in the first _suicide squad pretty bad. The same happened recently with Morbius of Marvel , tape that did not meet the desired quality, even becoming a cult success for memes.


In an interview with the media The Playlist, Leto was asked if we would see him return to any of his papers, and the actor mentioned: Well, as the old saying says, never say ever. With this statement it is likely to have a return, since Joker likes it a lot and Morbius became a film that he now likes but for the wrong reasons.

Within some more interviews he also revealed that he emotionally attaches to the characters he interprets, so he would definitely return if they asked for it. He was asked to return as Joker four years after originally playing the villain, and that means that we would be seeing in continuations that correspond to Suicide Squad.

As for Morbius, the tape stayed with a post credits scene that would connect with the multiverse of the stories of Spider-Man , also bringing iconic villains as the vulture of of of UCM . In addition, the universe of this character is located in the Venom, so it would not be surprise to see all the characters return to form the six sinister.

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