The free cover action TPS of the modern war came out -freshly collected! Todays Steam Featured Game [June 16, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Armed Zone

The free cover action TPS developed by just one person has started distribution. This is a shooting game combining team tactics and various battle elements. You can experience singles or multi-fierce battles on a modern battlefield that changes every moment. In addition, weapon customization during battle, specialist system, soldier-specific abilities are implemented, and you can enjoy battle with your own play style. At present, it is still in the early stage of development, but all future updates will be distributed free of charge.


The trial version of the hunting action Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake scheduled to be released on June 30 has been distributed. In this work, you can play four subjugation quests, including the subjugation quests of the electric dragon Risex in the field Jungryu, which were newly announced in the third promotion video released the other day. There is also a quest that allows you to learn basic actions for those who play for the first time and players after a long absence. It also supports multiplayer for up to four players using Internet communication.

The Hand of Merlin (early access graduation)

This work is a turn-based rogue RPG that combines elements such as multi-universe and science fiction horror to the history of Arthur King, Carling Story, and Andalus. Collect up to three heros and go on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem. In battle, you use a hidden place to set up a surprise attack or coordinate, or use the synergistic effects of different hero classes and skills to fight the enemy. It is possible to enhance the party by upgrading equipment with gold and reputation, and acquiring new skills.

The Guild 3 (early access graduation)

This work is a life simulation that leads an avatar and reflects its clan in a medieval Europe in the 1400s. You can freely choose various ways of life, such as working steadily as craftsmen and merchants, using illegal means of bribes and violence as a criminal, and living your own life. In addition to making goods at work, it is also necessary to get married, have a family, and prosper the clan.

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