Secret Wars de Marvel becomes a trend

Today is a reason for celebration for fans of Marvel, since the fifth phase of the cinematographic universe of this brand has been announced that began with a story in 2008 with Iron Man. And thanks to this statement the emotion of fans has increased, this is due to the possibility of having the Secret Wars on the big screen.

This is what the producer commented _Kevin Feige, about a great saga that is coming for the next stage of the hero’s life:

As we approach at the end of phase 4, I think people will begin to see where this next saga is directed. I think there have already been many clues, which are at least evident to me, where everything is heading. But we will be a little more direct about it in the coming months, to establish a plan, so that the audiences that want to see the general panorama can see a little more of the road map.

Movies and series have taken us to this point. There is the Multiverse appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Dr. Strange 2, the alteration of time in the series of Loki, the help of _nick fury towards the Skrulls_ and much more. So it will now be a matter of time to have an explicit ad that Secret Wars is already a fact.

Here are some reactions of fans on social networks:

It would be better to put Secret Wars in phase 6, otherwise, you will feel hurried. Doom has not yet been completely established, the same with Kang.

If Secret Wars is announced, I’m going to go crazy.

I’m going to throw my hat with everyone saying the same.


If Secret Wars approaches, make Fantastic Four and Doom be built correctly so that they appear largely, as they did in the comics.

If we approach the end, I think it may be the saga Secret Wars or the X-Men vs. saga. The Avengers.

For now, the next movies that come for this year are _Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Panther: Wanda Forever._

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