Where to find Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players can use a new weapon called Ripsaw Launcher. This weapon throws a shell that destroys buildings, damages the equipment and destroys opponents. Naturally, the fans cannot be patient to find out where to find this weapon and how to deal with it quickly.

Where is the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite?

Ripsaw Launcher is currently available in only one place on the map. To find this weapon, players must go north to the beach from the Poi Logjam Lotus. You will find a huge red factory in the nameless attraction, which is called washing the pier . Inside the factory, players can find several Ripsaw launches for use in the game. Go to the red circle in the image of the map higher to get to the factory.

How to charge ripsw launcher in Fortnite

Ripsaw Launcher shoots a slow projectile that cuts out everything that is in front of him. Players will find a rare version of this weapon in the place marked above, and each launch installation has 12 blades. To charge the starting installation, players must hold the alternative fire button, Click the right mouse button on keyboard and LT/l2 for controllers . The shooting from this weapon after its charging for several seconds increases the speed of the blade when breaking through the enemy buildings.

If you plan to land in this POI, we recommend that you first find weapons and shields, since several other opponents are likely to land in this place for new weapons. Visit smaller houses around the factory to quickly get prey in this place. There are several wolves in this area, and it is best to tame one of them before joining the battle. You will also find the Kyle NPC in this place, and it sells a chubby gun in exchange for 600 gold ingots.

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