Nintendo Switch Taiko no Master Donda Full Festival will be released on September 22. Also develops the sub -school Taiko Music Pass

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced on June 23 that it will release the Japanese drum rhythm game Taiko no Master Donda Full Festival on September 22. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, the price is 5980 yen (excluding tax)

Taiko no Master Donda Full Festival is the latest work of the Japanese drum rhythm game Taiko no Master series. This work is set in an Omi-Ko City, a town full of drums, and the main character, Don-chan, will aim to be a drum master along with the Kumikyun he met in this city.

In this work, the location that exists in Omiko City is expressed as each game mode. First of all, you can enjoy playing games at Raion Shrine. It is a favorite song and plays a familiar Japanese drum while riding the rhythm. There is also a improvement support that can judge the parts that are not good at the song and practice repeatedly at any speed. The songs are 76 songs. The latest songs such as Gurenka, Feel Special and Run at night will also be included.

At Taiko Land, you can play party games that support multiplayer. Two types of modes are prepared, and first Donkatsu Toy Taisen is compatible with 1-2 players (local and online). It features an element that collects toys and forms a deck (toy box). Is activated randomly.

In addition, when the sortie gauge accumulates well, the toy sorties. A push battle with the opponent’s toys occurs on the game screen, and the one who pushes a lot at the end of the performance will win. Let’s let Don Don toy sortie. A new toy will be arrived at the Appare Store described later when the mission is cleared.

Another mode Donchan Band is compatible with 1 to 4 players (only for local). Because four types of notes are prepared for each song, you choose the part you are in charge of and work together to succeed in the live. Elements such as Relay notes that connect the performance together, and hand stitch notes that tap at the same time together. Clear the mission, proceed with the story, and release new songs.

You can play online mode in Dondon Kotown. Online rank matches can be challenged with players around the world, and online room matches that can set game modes and rules. The ranking match system is the same true hit mode as the official tournament. If you win the performance confrontation, you will get rank points, and if you accumulate a certain number, you can challenge a promotion game with a ranked up.

And the Appare Store sells various items, such as Donkatsu toy toys mentioned above, as well as Don-chan’s dress-up items, nameplates, and tones that can be used in performance games. You can purchase each mode with Don Coin where you can get it.

For this work, a paid song subscription service Taiko Music Pass will be sold. If you join, you will be able to play more than 500 songs, from the latest popular songs to classic anime songs, vocaloid songs, game music, and classical music in addition to the songs included in this work. In addition, new songs will be added every month.

The subscription fee is 550 yen for 30-day tickets and 1320 yen for 90-day tickets (both including tax). If you use it for the first time, a free ticket will be provided for 7 days. In addition, as a subscriber-only benefit, Don-chan’s dressing up Kumiko will be presented.

In addition, the previous work for Nintendo Switch, Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Ba-Jon! For users who have play data, purchase benefits are prepared. Songs such as Furifuri ♪, Gold Armor, Welcome to the Taiko STADIUM!, The title Furifuri and Norinori, Kisekae Gold Don-chan, and a special name plate will be given.

Taiko no Master Donda Full Festival will be released on September 22 for Nintendo Switch. Package version reservations have started today. There are also original benefits for each store, so please check the official website for details.

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