The 5 best masks of Mad Maggie Apex Legends

Since Mad Maggie is only a second age at this point, there are not many masks available for her. However, there are still some quite good. Here are the the 5 best masks for Mad Maggie in Apex Legends.

The 5 best masks for Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

Surprisingly, not all of these are legendary aspects. One of them is sensitive to time, since it simply requires having the battle pass of season 13.

Non-state legendary actor Mad Maggie Skin

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

This aspect is currently part of the elements of the Awakening event. You can buy Awakening event packages to have the opportunity to get the mask. If you do not like the idea of chance, you can buy it directly for 1800 Apex coins or manufacture it for 2400 craft materials. Once the event ends, the appearance will be available in the future and you can find the rest of Mad Maggie’s aspects. However, you can only manufacture it with 2400 materials.

Epic aspect of Maggie Loca de Lava Queen

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Queen lava skin is granted as soon as you buy the battle pass. At the time of writing, there are 43 days of the battle pass, but after that, the skin will disappear. Buying the battle pass also gives you a Newcastle Skin.

above the law, the legendary Maggie Loca skin

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

This legendary aspect is available to manufacture with 1200 manufacturing materials at any time. It is also possible to get this mask of any Apex Pack.

Appearance of Maggie crazy legendary steamed

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

The legendary steamed appearance can be unblocking/manufactured with 1200 materials or has the possibility of getting out of any standard or legendary appeal.

Legendaria Mad Maggie Skin

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Similarly, the Mad Metal aspect is available at any time for players who want to manufacture it for 1200 materials. There are also 7.4 % chance that it can be found in a standard Apex Pack.

There you have it, then, a look at the ** The 5 best masks for Mad Maggie in Apex Legends. In an event package.

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