[Daikiri] Announcement of screening results for Simple 500000 Series!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESpark Ogiri, the 69th review results announcement. The theme this time was What is common in the Simple 500000 Series *, but thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

96%off sale regularly

It’s actually SIMPLE 2000!

__ Friend of Spa

There are 25 SIMPLE 2000 titles

Let’s do it with a story on April Fool’s Day

__ Friend of Spa

Parts arrive little by little every month

Diagostini system

__ Friend of Spa

Simple, high

Played in the voice of Chidori Nobu

__ Friend of Spa

It is the same as the SIMPLE2000 series, but the title is given to the title.

I’m suspicious!

__ Friend of Spa

THE Billiard is included with billiard platforms, queues, balls, etc., making it a non-powered experience game where you can enjoy the billiards just like the real thing.

It’s already an ordinary billiard! Isn’t it cheap?

__ Friend of Spa

It also supports subtitles and dubbing of super minor languages, which are said to be the disappearance crisis

Sell stupidly to linguists as a document


__ Friend of Spa

Actually it was 50000-IN-1

Actually, only about 10 are included

__ Friend of Spa

Because it sold more than I thought and couldn’t be a story,
Next time I’m going to give 50,000

Developer I still buy this…

__ Friend of Spa

The craftsman is in a handmade paulownia box

An antique!

__ Friend of Spa

This is normal in New York

Watari * Naomi

__ Friend of Spa

Sune husband buys every time and boasts

Moreover, for 3 people

__ Friend of Spa

When I said, It was more interesting in 2000, I was beaten.

Because there is a pride of the buyer…

__ Friend of Spa

  • It has a great relationship with real people and organizations.

Reduction seems to be absolutely unlikely

__ Friend of Spa

Grandmother Chambara

I can’t tell from the enemy

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