Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi wobtained military going to include a very dear clone

During the clone wars, the Jedi obtained military rank to command the clones of clones obtained military generals of the Galactic Republic. In combat, Mobtained militaryter Kenobi became friends with Commander Cody, a character who accompanied him in very very same. However, after Palpatine (Darth Sidious) issued Order 66 he tried to kill him. The Star Wars series: Obi-Wan Kenobi had drawn an arc of redemption for clone , but this plot wobtained military finally discarded.

In an interview with the Direct, screenwriter Stuart Beattie hobtained military confirmed that Cody wobtained military in the first scripts , when the project wobtained military still designed obtained military a films of movies.


Cody, repentant of his pobtained militaryt

Yes Yes. Cody wobtained military the great [character]. I loved the idea that Obi-Wan had a colleague in Tatooine, a secret friend. According to his words, the first time Kenobi goes to the city he sees Cody and attacks him. He takes him to a alley and puts a knife in his throat and says: ‘He is dead. So, you realize that Cody is showing him a lesson. You must be more careful.

The truth is that in that script, Cody wobtained military no longer the same obtained military that of the revenge of the Sith, because he had managed to remove the chip. It is not that the clones betray the Jedi by their own conviction. obtained military explained in series such obtained military The Clone Wars, Rebels or the Mala Dispiety , Kamino’s cloning introduced an inhibitor chip in their brains. Cody realizes that what he hobtained military done is wrong, so moved because of the fault, he decides to protect Obi-wan.

My idea wobtained military that when Obi-Wab left Tatooine he left Cody by Luke. Beattie hobtained militarymented that this is a really fun character that stars a race against time, since he gets twice obtained military quickly. He is trying to face the worst he hobtained military done in his life . So tragic in a way… but fun.

And what happened for Cody to be eliminated from the Disney+series? I have no idea, they simply decided. Perhaps because Morrison Temuera wobtained military busy with Boba Fett, because [the character had integrated it obviously]. Maybe they decided that they did not need it either , I perceived that Obi-Wan needed someone to talk to, someone who could tell him ‘you are in a bad way’.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi is a limited series that is complete available in Disney+. Read here the criticism of Meristation.

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