Ssangyong Motors Torres exceeds 30,000 pre -contracts… Normalization of management

Torres is a SUV that will realize Ssangyong Motor’s normalization. The car, which is being produced in the first line of pyeongtaek factory assembly, is characterized by the inheritance and development of the Korando and Musso sculptures, the interior space, and the performance of the practical area. The market response is also hot, with a high commerciality of 30,000 units as of the launch date.

The exterior was completed based on Powered by Toughness, a new sculpture philosophy that inherited and developed the Korando and Musso Molding. The coarse lines and the sloppy side create a macho atmosphere, and the nucleus type Ganisi, which embodies the three-dimensional grille, lamps, bumper and spare tires, is as strong as off-roaders. The tail lamp expresses the ‘Lee’ pattern in the Taegeukgi gun, gon, gam, and Lee, and symbolizes Torres that it is an authentic SUV in Korea. Ssangyong plans to apply this molding to all new cars.

The interior creates a future-oriented atmosphere by applying digital clusters, center displays, and Buttonless control panels. Digital clusters deliver the driving information nicely, and the center display provides a variety of streaming contents to enhance driving fun. The Burtonless Control Panel helps to quickly and conveniently operate ventilation, heating seats and air conditioners.

Among them, the 12.3-inch center display has a clean graphic design and a quick response speed, but smartphone interworking functions such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available. Kim Hyun-jin, Ssangyong Motor Infotainment Officer, said, Torres is equipped with the best AI-based connected car system ‘inpocon’ in Korea. He said.

The space is bigger than I thought. It is 250mm longer than the Korando that shares the platform, 20mm wider and 90mm higher. The front and rear wheel distance is 5mm long. Thanks to this, the two-row knee and head space are more than weight. The backrest angle can also be adjusted, so the sitting posture is also very comfortable. It is not uncomfortable to sit for a long time. The trunk default reduction capacity is 703 liters, with four golf bags, four Boston bags and an additional travel carrier. If you use both row sheets folded at a 6-4 ratio, you can increase to 1,662 liters, which is good to use for leisure activities such as karcacic.

The engine is more than a 1.5-liter gasoline ground. It has a maximum output of 170 horsepower/5,000 to 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 28.6 kg.m/1500 ~ 4,000 rpm. The transmission is the third generation Aichin 6-speed automatic, and the engine power is sent to the front wheel or four wheels. The four-wheel roll function is the optional specification. The combined fuel economy is 11.2km per liter and 10.2 km per liter.

Acceleration is fast. It is good to drive in the practical area such as the city center and suburbs. Kim Heon-sung, Director of Ssangyong Technology Research Institute, said, We focused on the powertrain optimization to improve the acceleration performance between the actual driving section between the early acceleration and the speed of 60 ~ 120km per hour. However, the limit is clear as it is a downsizing engine. As you go at high speeds, the engine sounds bigger and the speedometer needle goes down.

If you leave the gear knob as a manual, you can pull the paddle shift to shift or lower it. The speed of acceleration can be accelerated as the rotation is randomly adjustable. There are three driving modes: Normal-Sports-Winter. There is no turain mode that can be used in the rough road. Ssangyong Motor said, We plan to show the turain mode in Torres electric vehicles to be released next year.

The ride is soft. It actively filters out the road shock that comes up to the hips and waist. The steering is slow. The roll is quite large, so it is necessary to go back to the height road or to handle it smoothly when loading loads such as lane movement.

Safety specifications include ▲ Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control ▲ Rear Subsequent Auxiliary Warning ▲ Extra Protection Warning ▲ Emergency Braking Assistance ▲ Interior Collision Warning ▲ Lane Departure Warning Among them, the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control is assisted to maintain the center of the car safety distance on the highway or general road.

Torres is an off-road style SUV. The appearance is strong, but it’s more suitable to drive in the city center, not on the road. It can also be called ‘fashion car’. Torres is a key model to lead the normalization of management, said Lee Kang-yong, design manager.

The price of Torres is T5 27.4 million won and T7 322 million won for each trim. Recommended trim is T7. If you pay 2.8 million won more, you can use Smart High Beam ▲ Auto Light Control ▲ High Pass System ▲ 1 Row of Safety Power Windows ▲ 2 Row Roller Blind ▲ Driver’s Rember Support.

Thanks to the downsizing engine, the company also obtained a 3rd low-air car certification. You can get a number of benefits such as up to 60% discount on public parking lots and up to 80% discount underground parking lot.

The basic guarantee period is 3 years or 60,000 km, and if you purchase a warranty extension service, 400,000 won (40,000, 80,000 km), 600,000 won (5 years, 100,000 km), 1.3 million won (7 years · 15 Including 10,000 km, including engine and transmission). It also provides free exchange of engine oil.

Ssangyong Motor plans to maximize production in order to speed up consumer sidewalks. Kim Bum-seok, the marketing manager of Ssangyong Motor, said, We will try to reduce the shipping period by operating the production of two shifts from the next week..

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