What is Gors daughters name in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Throughout the entire Thor: Love and Thunder, there are definitely some ups and downs through which the cast passes. In the center of everything is Gor the God Butcher, the villain who must be defeated. However, he does not get involved in such a destructive behavior without a good reason. Driven by his death and the fact that his God ignored his prayers, he swore to end all deities. So, if you are wondering about the name of Gor’s daughter who starts Thor: Love and Thunder Keep reading.

_ The following information is firmly in spoilers territory when it comes to Thor: Love and Thunder. If you would like to enjoy the show without knowing too much, this is the time to back down. _

Who is Gor’s daughter?

While she may have perished in the events that preceded the film, Gor the God Butcher’s daughter returns in Thor’s final act: Love and Thunder and plays a prominent role in the change of Gorr’s opinion. She never said a real name, but she is known as Love A character that only exists in the MCU outside the comics.

Trusting Love in Thor’s care, Gor then dies in a kind of redemption arc for the butcher god. And in the end, we see Thor and his now adoptive daughter, Love, heading to the battle, so the movie is called Thor: Love and Thunder.

Did Gor have a daughter in the comics?


In fact, Gor had a complete daughter and family in the comics, however, it is not his death that pushed him to the limit. Instead, it is his son’s death, agar, what leans the needle. The same son Gor revives using the necrosword eventually betrays him and helps Thor take Gor to his death.

And there you have it, now you know ** The name of Gor or understand more about the scenes after credits. Otherwise, be sure to look for God for everything else.

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