How to solve the Electro Seelie Lightning Strike Probe puzzle under Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact

Inazuma’s Lightning Strike Probes are some of the most challenging puzzles in the game, especially when paired with unpredictable Electro sources like the Seelies. You will find one such puzzle in the underground ruins of Shirikoro Peak.

To find the puzzle, go to Sirikoro Peak and jump down until you reach the underground ruins. Once inside, turn left until you see a ladder leading down to the water area. The water path will be blocked until you destroy the wall with a Thunderbird carving using the Peculiar Pinion gadget. When the wall breaks, follow the path inside to find four Lightning Probes and three Electro-Visibles.

How to Solve the Electro Seelie Lightning Strike Probe Compass Puzzle at Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact

There are several ways to solve this puzzle, but follow the instructions below. bull’s eye as directed, ensures you complete it. If you make a mistake halfway through, the solution below may no longer work. In this case, you can reset the puzzle by teleporting and returning to that area after a few minutes, or by re-logging in.

Activating the first three Lightning Strike Probes

Follow the instructions below carefully to complete the first part of the puzzle.

  • Step 1 : Stand on the platform in the middle to scatter the three Light Ones.
  • Step 2 : Notice the two Visibles next to each other. Lightly touch Good #1 until it comes off.


From now on, you must not touch any Light Ones other than Light #2.

  • Step 3 : Tap Good #2 lightly until it slides to the left.
  • Step 4 : Touch Seely #2 again to teleport him to the other side of the puzzle.

  • Step 5 : Seelie’s new position #2 circled above. You want to touch him again and he will teleport to the next Lightning Strike probe.

  • Step 6 : * Seelie’s new position #2 is circled in the image above. Touch him again* to teleport him to the third Lightning Strike probe. Be careful not to touch other Visibles.

Activation of the fourth probe Lightning Strike

At this point, three of the four Lightning Strike probes should be activated. You can tell they are activated by the purple glow that surrounds them. The last inactive probe is circled in the image above. You need to use some Electro to make him turn left and complete the puzzle.

To activate the last probe, approach nearby Seelie, but don’t touch it. When you get close to the Seelie, he will release the dose of Electro you need to control the Probe. Once you get hit by the Electro Seelie, front the last Lightning Strike Probe until it closes, completing the puzzle. You will be rewarded with a Precious Chest for your efforts.

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