Hades Mirror of Night Guide Guide

To advance in Aida, you will need to use a mirror of the night found in the room of Zagre. In this leadership, Hades Mirror of Night Upgrades, we will tell in detail about everything that you can use for your progress.

Hades Mirror of the Night Update

The mirror of the night is in the main center, known as the House of Aida. Go to the Zagrean bedroom, which is located right in front of the arms ward.

You will find various improvements in the mirror of the night, and many others can be unlocked using Chthonic keys. Additional privileges can also be obtained using the crystals of darkness.

Initially, you can unlock red updates by default from the mirror. As you delve into the dungeons of Aida, you can unlock alternative yellow versions of the same improvements.

A few things that you need to keep in mind for the mirror of the night.

  • Basic updates are marked in red.
  • Alternative versions of basic improvements are painted yellow.
  • You can use only basic or alternative ability at the same time. Switch between them at the mirror of the night.
  • The base perk when improved with the help of crystals of darkness will not improve the alternative version.

All updates

Ability Description Title Expenses
The presence of shadows Each rank gives a 10% increase in damage when attacking the back. 5 (+50% damage) 10/15/20/25/30 (total: 100)
Htonic survivability Entrance to each camera restores 1 HP for each rank. 3 (+3 health for the camera) 10/20/40 (total: 70)
Disobedience of death After devastating your health, each rank gives you 50% of health. 3 (3 additional chances) 30/500 / 1000 (total: 1530)
Big Reflex Before you recover a little, your chain increases by one dash for each rank. 1 (+1 dash) 50 (total: 50)
Boiling blood Special damage is caused to enemies using cast ammunition, and the attack increases by 10% with each rank. 5 (+50% damage) 10/30/50/70/90 (total: 250)
Hell’s soul With each rank, one cartridge is provided for use in a throw. 2 (+2 cast ammunition) 20/80 (total: 100)
Deep pockets With each escape from the House of Aida, each rank gives 10 clamps. 10 (+100 grows) 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75 (total: 525)
Thick skin An increase in +5 health is added to the total number of lives with each rank. 10 (+50 health) 40/45/50/55/60/65/70/75/80/85 (total: 625)
Privileged status Struck by at least two Status Curse effects, each rank increases the damage by 20%. 2 (+40% against the status curse) 50/100 (total: 150)
Olympic favor With each rank, the probability increases by the fact that the gift will have rare effects. 40 (+40% chance) 50 for the rank (total: 2000)
God’s pride With each rank, the probability increases by the fact that the gift will have epic effects. 20 (+20% Chance) 100 per rank (total: 2000)
Fateful power At each rank, 1 cube is given to accidentally change the reward for the next camera. 10 (10 cubes) 500 / 1k / 2k / 3k / 4k / 5k / 10k / 20k / 30k / 40k (total: 115 500)

**** Below are some improvements to the mirror of the night in Aida, which require an additional cost of unlocking and require the use of htonic keys.

Ability Description Title Expenses The cost of unlocking
Fiery presence With each rank, the force of damage increases by 20% when striking on enemies. 5 (+100% damage) 10/15/20/25/30 (total: 100)
Dark regeneration Any darkness you collected is used to increase your HP by the amount of collected darkness, and this increases by 30% with each rank. 2 (+60% restored) 30/60 (total: 90)
Stubborn disobedience When in the end, this comes to the rescue, giving additional 30% of health for the camera. 1 600
Ruthless reflex A chance is given to dodge for 2 seconds with an increase in damage by 50% when receiving a jerk to receive a blow. 1 75
Bottomless blood Enemies who own casting ammunition experience a decrease in speed by 5%. 5 (-25% speed and damage) 20/40/60/80/100 (total: 300) 5 htonic key
Stygian soul CAST AMMO is restored and does not fall. With each rank, this process is accelerated by 1 second. 5 /4 /3 sec. 0 /60 /120 / (total: 180) 5 htonic key
Golden touch After stripping the underground world, you get 5% of the blocks that you already have. 3 (+15% of the membranes) 70/90/110 (total: 270) 10 htonic key
High reliability With each rank, your damage increases by 5% only when your HP is above 80. 5 (+25% damage) 50/100/150/200/250 (total: 750) 10 htonic key

Family Favorite | For each other Olympic whose gifts you have, you increase damage by 2.5%. | 2 (+5% damage per Olympic) | 50/150 (total: 200) | 20 htonic key
Dark foresight | With each rank, your chance to get a gold laurel (blessings, hammer and pomp) increases by 1%. | 10 (+10% chance) | 250 per rank (total: 2500) | 20 htonic key
Heritage of God | Your gift will be legendary or paired, each rank increases your chances by 1%. | 10 (+10% chance) | 150 for the rank (total: 1500) | 30 htonic key
Fateful conviction | To change the choice of the gift and source of Haron randomly, each rank helps you, giving 1 cube. | 4 (4 cubes) | 1k / 5k / 10k / 25k (total: 41,000) | 30 htonic key

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