The creators of Guild Wars 2 talked about the closest updates and published a summer road map

The developers of the Guild Wars 2 published a roadmap of summer updates of the game and talked about upcoming updates and innovations.

On the eve of the start of the Guild Wars 2 on Steam, world bosses will be led by modern standards. This means that the developers decided to modify the bosses a little that appeared in the game 10 years ago so that the beginners who first met with them were not disappointed. Great Jungle Wyrm, Fire Elemental, Svanir Shaman Chieftain and Shadow Behemoth will receive improvements regarding game mechanic, as well as appearance.

Corrections will also be made to rewards for raids. It was important for the developers to simplify the understanding of how to get the most important and valuable awards. Some of the changes include the rejection of some currencies and simplifying expenses without reducing remuneration.


Among other things, a summer roadmap was presented and the main events were announced:

  • July 19-Start 3 episodes of the 1st season 1 Living World, improved world bosses, change in rewards for raids
  • August 2-Four winds festival, options for the appearance of Kralkatorrik, balance adjustments
  • August 23-10th anniversary Guild Wars 2
  • September 13-Start 4 episodes of the 1st season Living World

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